The Night Exhibit

Some time ago I had a dream where I was sitting at a desk producing a piece of artwork. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree so it would not be uncommon for me to be doing this or at least thinking about the process of creating something with my hands. But in the dream whatever I was creating began with a drawing than later somehow took the form of a three dimensional ceramic face. It developed into the ceramic glass colored face of a Victorian woman with an elaborate hat on her head. The piece was very beautiful was was not completed. The face, the hat and bust were all one section.

When the art piece was completed the ceramic statue which was now life size was in three sections. Each section was very colorful, almost translucent at the entire piece was now put together. It was night time in this office area and there was no one else around to disturb it but I reasoned that it should be disassembled and put away as the art piece could easily be destroyed by a janitors broom and broken. I proceeded to dismantle the artwork and hid it away out of sight as the place would soon be busy with people.

When I woke up I remembered the dream quite vividly and wondered about what it could mean. I knew the art object in the dream would be literally impossible to create. This was not only because of it’s complexity and subtle and intricate, translucent color combinations but the way it would have to be fired and fitted together. And it’s size was another consideration, though I knew that the individual who could consistently produce such pieces would be a very rich man. I also realized the creation of image in my dream symbolized something else in my life.

It was after talking with some leaders in my church and sharing the dream with them that I came to understand the dreams meaning. The ceramic Victorian figurine symbolized my writing which I had been hiding away at night thinking the short excerpts or stories were to fragile for public viewing or high traffic areas.

I was encouraged to display them for public view with paragraphs three to five stacked like sections of the fired figurine. The fireing in this case is not in an actual kiln but the heart and imagination. It is a combination of art and ministry. As in the dream there will be those who brush by like the janitor with a broom but others who stop and gaze into both the face and take notice of the colors chosen and on display once hidden but now revealed from the night exhibit.

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