The West Wall Watchman & The House of Chocolates

I like to think of this as a small double feature of sorts but they are actually linked. I have felt I have the burden of a watchman for our Church on what I consider the West Wall side of town. Often when a storm blows in it comes in from the West and I see the enemy doing much the same thing to the local Church as the large black dust storms experienced in Oklahoma in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I believe some were referred to as dust devils. Which seems to describe the nature of the enemies handiwork. He comes in to a small town and tries to blind it’s people’s eyes with filth covering the landscape in darkness leaving a coating of dust and dirt on everything. This dirt penetrates every door and every window in town affecting the lives of all involved. But we know the enemy has many ways of approaching an individual, a church body or even a city, sometimes even as an angel of light.

The watchman stands guard watching and praying. The watchman doesn’t just see and observe or hear. A watchman blows the trumpet or shofar sounding the note: the enemy is approaching! Or the enemy has slipped in!

In history, the watchman on the walls carried with him the safety of the entire city. The city could sleep at night knowing the watchman was on the wall. He would lift up the ram’s horn and let the sound to out and give the warning to the people so they could ready themselves and not be taken unawares. The watchman has another device the bow and arrow to shoot either a message to another location that is about to be attacked or a flaming arrow to fight the enemy from a distance distracting him. The enemies attention is suddenly divided to either press forward to pursue or attempt to put out the fire destroying his resources. The watchman or watchmen including women have a valuable position in the local Church body being the eyes and ears spiritually of pending dangers that could affect the body of Christ.

The House of Chocolates

The Lord often speaks to me in the forms of dreams and impressions. One such dream I had several months back involved a small town with a Victorian mansion that was used as a business making and selling delicious chocolates. In the dream I was allowed to see inside the mansion as business was being conducted there. The kitchen where all the beautiful pastries were made was not in view but what was in view was rather surprising. A large very wide staircase leading to a second and third floor was in the center of the house. Here people were slipping and sliding down the staircase to the bottom. Not only were they fighting each other throwing punches at one another but they were indulging in highly decorated chocolates as they did so. Delicious highly stacked, sculptured pastries continued to various parts of the house to feet the lavish appetite that seemed to grow with each bite. Individuals were slipping and sliding down the long staircase while fighting each other. A large pile of busted and broken glasses lay at the bottom of the stairs. Now blinded the individuals could not find their way out of the house of the chocolatier. Their fighting, slipping and sliding continued down the hallways in a frenzy of madness unable to find their way out. After waking up I prayed to correctly interpret the dream.

Satan is the Chocolatier. He well knows that mankind can taste with their eyes, for he knows the scriptures as well that state, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”. Tasteing and seeing he well knows are linked and he is happy to provide free samples for you to try to draw you in to the house of Chocolates. He will use the mail, Internet with all it’s social media sights. Anything he can to pull you in and take you prisoner to your own passions and lust. We all know Facebook is the king of social media and many are taken captive by it’s videos and images with some so bad they can’t find their way out. Other social media sites are following suit.

I was advised like the watchman simply to shoot the arrow of my messages on the doorstep of these social media sites only to let people choose if they want to visit my site I do not scroll Facebook or look at it’s images or enteries. If you or I have a gifting in the Prophetic you have to be careful what you allow your eyes see and dwell on. The enemy is a very crafty Chocolatier and wants you to taste and see what he has to offer but be careful his is a slippery slope and you will not find your way out without Jesus leading you out through true repentance. Taste and see that the Lord is good not the House of Chocolates.

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