The Price of Revival

It seems there is always a price to pay for anything of value or worth having. Sometimes that price is with money other times it is our actual time, blood, sweat or tears. Rarely is anything for free in this world. This fact was true even in Jesus day when he addressed the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders. Jesus was asked the question concerning tribute to Caesar, “Shall we give, or shall we not give?” They said this inorder to trap him. In verse 15 of chapter 12 in the gospel of Mark we read, “Why tempt ye me? bring me a penny, that I may see it.” Jesus proceeds to inquire about the image and super scription and states, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.

What Jesus seems to be saying here is, pay the price. To him that is do honor pay the price. To him that is due material goods or money, pay the price. The unanswered question here that remains though is, are we paying the price as far as God is concerned? I am not referring to just tithe or offering but glory, honor and worship. America, has a history of honoring civil servants who have served their Country with distinction for the most part especially those in political circles. A handful of these individuals especially those who filled Presidential roles had their images transcribed on common currency just as Caesar did in Jesus day. Their memory is honored every time something is purchased with cash or change. Statues commemorate their life of service as well as documentaries, movies as well as history books. They are honored by the entire Country.

John F. Kennedy was honored as much as any man could be during the 1960’s and beyond for sparking the idealism of a “new generation of Americans.” He was a charismatic leader whose life served as a symbol of purpose and hope during a troubled time in America and beyond. He obtained a purple heart in the war and was instrumental in the Civil Rights Act in 1963 during his venture into politics as President of the United States. He furthered the space program while saving the Country from possible war with Cuba in a conflict known as the Bay of Pigs.”

As everybody knows and some of us remember the fateful day and ride in a Dallas parade where his life was abruptly ended. And some have actually seen the eternal flame that still burns in President Kennedy’s honor in Arlington National Cemetery. The Country honor’s his life, his service and his memory.

But again, what about God’s honor held up by a nation in his Son Jesus Christ? His image is on no coin, no bills or currency. Does he not offer salvation to save us from a nuclear Holocaust called hell that’s lasts for all eternity? Does he not defend us from a Bay of Pigs invasion from a common enemy after men’s souls, namely, Satan and his demonic host? Lastly, do we pay him the honor of burning the eternal flame of praise and worship due to his name, even in some churches?

If we want revival we will have to pay the price, which is, “render to God the things that are God’s.” Psalm 34:1 seems to speak of a flame that never goes out, “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Now this may be impossible for the individual as we have to eat, sleep, work but not for a large church body to have continued praise and worship at the altar. Someone representing the burning fire at the altar never allowed to go out.

This continual worship is what I see in the upper room in the scriptures and can’t help but wonder if it didn’t occur at many or most major revivals on this country. Matthew chapter 25 talks of five of the ten virgins taking oil in jars along with their lamps. Let us be like these five virgins who paid the price and bought the pure olive oil of praise and worship, honoring him and not allowing the fire to go out, even if he come at midnight.

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