The above numbers and letters represent the license plate I would have if I drove a sports car with a manual transmission. The truth is I believe this licence plate and gear box is inherent in the human spirit but most people are comfortable with or are rarely challenged to shift beyond first or second gear spiritually. But not only is this manual gear box of 4ONFLR (FOUR-ON-THE-FLOOR), inherent in individuals; it is also inherent in the spirit of a town, a city and a Country.

We have all heard of the phrase: blood, sweat and tears. I like to switch this around some to the sequence; sweat, tears and blood instead. These three and in this order represent first, second and third gears on the floor. Fourth will come later but let us not forget this manual transmission also has reverse as we also will discuss.

Sweat represents first gear representing the intellect. When we shift in gear to do something, a course of action, unless we are totally impulsive it is with our minds. I look at two great examples in the scriptures in the lives of King David as a shepherd boy as well as the earthly life of Jesus before going to the cross. David thought about fighting Goliath and weighed the possible outcome in his mind. Jesus did the same in the garden of Gethsemane facing certain cruel torture followed by being nailed to a cross.

Both individuals did not stop in first gear causing mental turmoil “sweat” but shifted into second gear “tears.” Second gear is where one becomes emotionally involved. Jesus sweat as the scriptures describe “great drops of blood.” He agonized with knowing there was only one way to accomplish the Father’s will to the point of tears. David the shepherd boy shifted into second gear as he listened to the blasphemy against his God and insults against Israel’s army by the Philistine giant Goliath. David became very angry at Goliath while Jesus worked through a guant of human emotions to the point of total surrender to his Father’s will. Both men shifted into third gear and act of the will.

Third gear is represented by the “blood.” It is the choice to lay your life down for a cause. We have seen it in war time situations time and again as soldiers lay their lives down for one another. I like the original phrase; “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water from the womb.” This phrase means, the blood of our choices runs thicker than the birth relationship of water alone. The phrase itself has been watered down over time to say just the opposite; “Blood is thicker than water.” Jesus and David put their lives on the line and embarrassed God’s will over their own to the point of death. This is shifting into third gear.

You may ask; What about fourth gear or even reverse? Israel’s army had been shifting in reverse for some time until David the shepherd boy showed up. David not only shifted himself into first, second and third gears towards the Philistine army with a sling and a stone but brought forward with him Israel’s entire army. Jesus, as we know in going forward ├ánd laying his life down opened the door for salvation for every man, woman and child who would come to him by faith. This brings us to fourth gear which is only accomplished for those who not only come to Jesus Christ but accept him as both Lord and Savior of their lives. It is not by chance the letters on the top of this gear shift are in Roman numerals.

The IV gear is in Roman numerals and represents intravenous referring to a blood transfusion. Here we are the recipients of a blood transfusion based on the scripture; “I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live but Christ living in me and the life I now live I live by faith in the son of God who gave himself up for me.” This was written long before blood transfusions were even known about yet it describes the new life we receive in ourselves through our relationship with Jesus Christ. His life, his blood not only cleanses us from sin but Frees us from its power over us and liberates us from the inside out.

This is the fourth gear not of a small sports car but of a large Mack dump truck. David ran at Goliath with one stone but we run at the devil shifting into fourth gear with a Mack Truck filled with stones for we have a better covenant with better promises. We plow into the enemy of our souls and bury him with a truck load of God’s promises. The last thing he sees is our license plate 4ONFLR.

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