The Grounded Child

Any electrician will tell you that it is dangerous to live in a house that is not properly grounded. There are many that do but would respond, “Well, it has not burned down yet” and continue to live in such a dwelling. Just like the person living in a house improperly grounded their are many improperly grounded spiritually in their lives. When asked if they should die today if they think they would go to heaven, most would respond, “Well I sure hope so, but I really don’t know.” How do we know if we are properly grounded? We start by looking at the cross and the one that died upon it for our sins. We find our grounding for eternity in Jesus.

For just as the natural power of electricity needs a ground to protect us from potential electrical shock or fire, we need the ground of Jesus death on the cross to cover our sins protecting us from the power, the wrath of a star breathing God who desires us to enter into a loving relationship through his Son. Sin simply cannot get in and we need the covering provided only through Jesus death upon the cross.

The cross was planted deep in the ground of Golgotha by the Roman soldiers to hold up the weight of its victim as well as the weight of the cross itself. This very cross becomes the grounding and foundation for establishing us in our faith in Jesus life mission which was to die for mankind’s sins and restore man’s connection with his creator.

This very cross and its grounding helps us to understand as the Apostle Paul states, What is the width and the length, the depth and height of God’s love which surpasses all knowledge. Grounding keeps us focused, self aware, emotionally stable, well connected, not overwhelmed or easily swayed, or confused but rather confident and with a positive outlook, filled with gratitude.

This is what Jesus death on the cross does as our ground in life as his resurrection following flips the switch and turns the lights on helping us to truly see.

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