Memories Mailbox

We have all used the phrase from time to time, “The check is in the mail” when dealing with a payment that is late, lost or had been misplaced. Some mail may be checks meant sent for our deposit rather than a bill for payment. This brings me to God’s Word; do we see the scriptures as a stack of bills to be paid with oughts, shoulds and musts or a stack of signed checks to be endorsed and cashed for our benefit? God does not force his provisions and blessings on anyone. We can refuse them.

Psychologists will tell you there are four corners of the mind and I don’t claim to know what they are, but the concept works well when it comes to memorization. To cash the signed checks in scripture of God’s promises we have to wrap our memories four corners around the signed check of God’s Word and seal it.

For no better explanation of what these four corners represent by psychologists let’s just say they represent the: length, width, height and depth of ones ability to hold fast a internalized concept. And in our case, like a scanner we copy a portion of the scriptures to memory by grasping every word with all four corners of our mind and seal it.

But just like the signed check in an envelope in the mailbox there is the mailbox thief that tries to steal checks. Because of this we pray over every scripture committed to memory by putting the red flag up representing the blood of Jesus Christ. This keeps the enemy from touching it. It is than our confession of faith that sends the check forward for deposit.

Jesus is the high priest of our confession of faith who watches over his Word or scriptures spoken to perform them. This is not name and claim it, but rather standing on the promises of God and believing as a child of God what has been purchased for you and I at the cross.

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